Shemot: Chapter 33

"The one as well as the other"


The discussion here begins with an interpretation of "The one as well as the other," revealing that the earthly realm corresponds symbolically in all its aspects to the heavenly realm. Rabbi Aba's comment regarding human ignorance of lost wisdom pertaining to the natural world leads to a discourse on the classification of trees and herbs and their relationships to divine elements. We learn that it is forbidden to "sow your field with mingled seed" because each seed has an individual name, a separate secret, and an appointed supervisor above. Planting mixed seeds mingles their authority and their names. This concept also applies to the twelve Tribes, and explains the Scriptural emphasis on the names of these tribes, as seen in the verse, "These are the names of the children of Israel."


Our entire physical world, down to the smallest detail, including the laws of nature, such as the process of a seed giving birth to a tree bearing fruit, mirrors and corresponds to spiritual forces that occupy the supernal realms. The knowledge and awareness of this awesome truth has been lost to mankind, and we have thus disconnected ourselves from the Upper World. When we again possess the wisdom that identifies the relationship between our world and the Upper world, we immediately acquire the power to ignite and summon the spiritual forces of Light.

The Zohar possesses all this divine wisdom. Hence, in the act of meditating upon its verses, the reader reaches into the supernal dimensions to taste of the heavenly fruits and spiritual herbs that will heal our bodies and souls. Just as each living creature possesses its own unique DNA, composed of the genetic alphabet, each living entity on Earth has its own unique "name--spiritual DNA - including the trees and herbs that grow from the Earth. Here we connect to the spiritual DNA level of our world to capture the divine essence of reality. Strangely enough, our diversity is the quintessence of our underlying unity. For instance, when sunlight shines through a prism, the white ray of light refracts into the seven colors of the rainbow. Each color has its own unique name and frequency. However, when they unite as one, they create a perfect and complete ray of white sunlight. Each of us has a unique "name" and "color" in the spectrum of Creation. Yet, each of us is also a part of the one Light of the Creator. When we love our neighbor as ourselves, and we show respect and awe for the trees, flowers, and herbs that populate our planet, we unite as one Divine Light to heal and bless the entire world. This spectacular unification and arousal of blessings occurs now.