Shemot: Chapter 47

"And there went a man"


While Rabbi Abahu interprets the title verse as a reference to Gabriel, who brought Amram's wife back to him, Rabbi Yehuda states that it refers to Amram, who decided to marry his wife because he was urged to do so from above. Rabbi Yitzchak then explains that Amram was not worthy to give birth to Moses until he obtained a portion in the Shechinah by marrying "a daughter of Levi." He was then worthy of bearing a son with a great voice, to whom God attached His Name, "Good." Amram himself then merited a divine voice, and in this way he advanced to a higher level.


Through Moses, the children of Yisrael merited redemption and freedom from bondage in Egypt. Moses was able to achieve this miracle because the Creator "united his Name over him." That means that Moses was attached to the Upper World and thus was able to elevate this entire lower world.

In this passage, we draw upon the power of the Shechinah, Moses and the Holy Name of God יהוה to merit and effect our final and eternal unification with the realm called Zeir Anpin. This merging of two worlds unleashes endless Light, freeing humanity from the clutches of the negative forces and demons who have imprisoned us since the dawn of physical existence.