Shemot: Chapter 9

"The word of Hashem was"


Upon meeting Rabbi Yosi and Rabbi Chiya immersed in discussion, Rabbi Aba offers an additional verse to reinforce their conclusion that the angels accompanied the children of Israel into Egypt. He alludes to the vision Ezekiel revealed to the children of Israel to prove that God had not and would not abandon them in captivity in Babylon. Just as God was with them in Babylon, Rabbi Aba explains, so He and His heavenly company went with them into Egypt.


Jacob's soul, like Adam's, embodied all the souls of humanity. Each person who has ever walked this earth was included in Jacob, spiritually speaking. Thus, the reader himself is part of Jacob. This is your story. And the story continues to unfold into this present moment.

The mention of Egypt alludes to our own ego and to the illusionary pleasures of the physical world. We are enslaved to these aspects of our existence. Yet, the Zohar emphasizes that all the supernal angelic forces and the Shechinah (the Divine Presence) accompanied Jacob into Egypt.

These sacred forces are with us now. They shine their Light upon us and the entire world. We are liberated from Egypt - meaning, our soul attains complete dominion over our ego. Now we are free to recognize and enjoy the true and lasting pleasures of life.

This passage also commences the complete revelation of God's truth and wisdom in the world. The Light and the mysteries of the Zohar shine in the hearts of all humanity.