Shemot: Chapter 8

"...with Jacob; every man came with his household"


In reply to the question posed by Rabbi Yitzchak, Rabbi Elazar affirms that the Shechinah did indeed accompany Jacob into Egypt. A discussion ensues in which Rabbi Elazar, Rabbi Aba, and Rabbi Yehuda each cite verses that indicate that thousands of celestial beings accompanied the Shechinah. Rabbi Elazar explains that in the verse, "And the children of Yisrael journeyed from Raamses to Sukkot about six hundred thousand footmen" (Shemot 12:37), the reference to the children of Israel is an allusion to the celestial hosts, God's servants, who naturally went with God when He went down into Egypt with Jacob, as was promised. Moreover, we are told that the children of Israel hurried to depart from Egypt because they realized these celestial beings were detained for their sake. Rabbi Aba then cites the verse, "Come and behold the works of Hashem, Who has made desolations (Heb. shamot) in the earth" (Tehilim 46:9), and explains that the word 'desolations' can also be read as 'names.' In corroboration with Rabbi Chiya's statement that earthly counterparts exist for all that is in heaven, Rabbi Aba concludes that just as there are holy names on earth, so are there holy names in heaven. Thus, "And these are the names of the children of Israel," refers to the angels who came to Egypt. Rabbi Yehuda then provides an interpretation of the verse, "Behold the litter, that of Solomon..." (Shir Hashirim 3:7) to reveal that this verse also refers to the angels that went with the Shechinah into Egypt. Finally, while traveling with Rabbi Yosi, Rabbi Chiya deduces that since all of Israel went with Moses to meet his father-in-law, God's heavenly company would certainly have accompanied Him into Egypt.


Whenever we find ourselves in spiritual darkness or physical chaos, the Light of the Creator, along with all the supernal angelic forces, is always with us, ready to emancipate us from the slavery and addictions of the material world.

We only have to call upon the Holy Names to activate these Divine forces. These Names are recited as soon as we meditate upon this potent passage of Zohar. All the entities of Light that dwell above are amassed and set into motion. They descend into our world to liberate all humanity from the clutches of the dark side.