Toldot: Chapter 15
"his eyes were dim, so that he could not see"

Rabbi Shimon and his son Rabbi Elazar discuss differences in the eyesight of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as they grow older, and the significance of this for our realm of Malchut and the supernal mysteries. The patriarchs were connected to Left Column, which denotes judgement and darkness. This is the secret meaning behind the concept of blindness in the Torah. Isaac embodied a complete connection to the Left Column; therefore, we are told that he is totally blind. Jacob's connection to both the Right and Left Columns is indicated by his only partial blindness.


Our physical bodies are directly affected by our connection to the Light during our lives. These effects can be both positive and negative. Illness and health are merely expressions of how we balance the Right and Left Columns - sharing and receiving - throughout our lives. We are often judgmental [Left Column] during moments when we should be merciful [Right Column] and vice-versa. The following passage awakens the wisdom within us to balance these two Columns.