Toldot: Chapter 14
"And he called the name of it Rechovot"

Here, the Rabbis expound meaning of the Sfirot through a discussion of the World to Come. It is said that the Torah's more mundane verses possess hidden meanings pertaining to the spiritual processes that the patriarchs endured in Upper Worlds. With this insight, we see that the deeds of the righteous are performed in order to preserve our world. This is why they are able to draw down the Shechinah into our lower realm.


If we are unaware of the meaning and metaphysical power concealed in the Torah's seemingly uninteresting verses, we are prevented from deriving immense Light and strength from Torah study. This passage offers us the opportunity to ignite sparks of Light by connecting to these veiled meanings. In so doing, we tilt our own actions towards the side of righteousness, thus helping to sustain this world by our very existence.