Vayelech: Chapter 3
"From the uttermost part of the earth have we heard songs"

Rabbi Shimon talks about those people who pay no attention to the glory of God and who have no interest in becoming holy. He says that Malchut is ready and available to praise God after midnight every night. Prior to that, the wicked prosecutors go about in the world to harm people, but from midnight onward their power is removed. We hear that if people are sanctified in their own union they also inspire a spiritual sanctity above, assisting in the union of God and His Shechinah. If they do not, there are flaws both above and below and the children born of the union are deceitful. Rabbi Shimon tells us about the time that Yisrael entered the Holy Land with the Ark of the Covenant traveling before them, and the songs of praise and joy that were sung. He says how unfortunate it is that Yisrael were destined later to treacherously betray God and become uprooted from their land; they would have to be cleansed of their iniquities in a foreign land.