Vayera: Chapter 15

"Abraham shall surely become"


In every generation there is a circle of righteous souls living among us. Through their spiritual actions and presence in this physical existence, they literally uphold and sustain our world. Their positive energy balances out all the negative actions committed by self-centered and unspiritual people among us. This prevents the scales of judgment from tipping too far over to the side of negativity, which would cause great destruction in the world. Interestingly, these great souls often conceal their true identity and appear to us as mirrors of ourselves in the form of difficult people in our lives. They reflect all the negative traits that we ourselves possess but fail to recognize.


Protection from negative influences is bestowed upon us through the merit of righteous people, past and present. We achieve the self-restraint and judgment to consider difficult people in our lives as reflections of our own negative traits. The wisdom and inspiration to change ourselves, instead of always trying to change others, emerges through the letters that form this passage.