Vayera: Chapter 14

"I will go down now, and see"


The literal Torah story states that the Creator came down to see the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah before they were destroyed. Kabbalistically, these stories signify the energy of the Creator shifting from the frequency of mercy into one of judgment. The Creator Himself, however, never stands in judgment of us. It is our own actions that determine which frequency of energy we draw down upon ourselves. The analogy of electrical energy helps convey the Zohar's principle. We can utilize electrical energy to light and power entire cities, or we can place our finger in a wall socket and electrocute ourselves. The nature of the energy never changes. Only our connection to it is different. We are given free will to choose whether we will relate to the energy in a beneficial or self-destructive way.


We generate an awareness of the consequences attached to all our actions, along with the understanding that the Creator is not at fault for the hardships we endure in life. By knowing that all our actions influence the amount of Light we receive, we are inspired to seize control over how we interact with the World and, in turn, how the World interacts with us.