Vayera: Chapter 38

"In all their affliction He was afflicted"


In the same way that a parent suffers when his or her child is hurting, the Zohar reveals that the Creator equally suffers when anyone in this world undergoes pain.


The conventional religious view of the Creator is of a deity who metes out punishments and rewards. In reality, the Creator is an infinite force of sharing whose essence is only goodness, whose sole desire is to bestow unending pleasure upon the souls of man. The Creator neither punishes nor rewards. It is man's actions that determine which path to endless fulfillment he will take. The gifts of the Torah and the Zohar were revealed so that man could choose the path of mercy and fulfillment. When we suffer or hurt, it is the inherent nature of the Creator to feel and experience this pain along with us. Awareness of this profound truth connects our soul to the Creator, helping to dissipate quickly any darkness that is causing pain in our life. We create the consciousness that the Creator is always with us, feeling our pain whenever we hurt.