Vayera: Chapter 37

"Abraham, Abraham"


During the binding of Isaac, an angel calls out the name of Abraham twice. Kabbalistically, Isaac corresponds to man's negative and selfish Desire to Receive, the root of all egotistic and self-centered behavior. Abraham is a metaphor for the positive sharing attributes of man. Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son Isaac, is a code signifying the complete subjugation of Abraham's negative Desire to Receive. The second utterance of Abraham's name by the angel indicates the complete transformation of Abraham's nature into the Desire to Share.


Abraham's extraordinary actions and faith created a reservoir of spiritual energy for all future generations to draw upon in their effort to completely transform their nature. The change in Abraham's name and its appearance in this text of Zohar is the portal through which the energy flows. These metaphysical forces arouse an awareness of our own negative attributes and generates the desire and strength to subjugate our ego, transforming all our wanton desires into positive attributes that embody care and compassion for others.