Vayeshev: Chapter 24
"Let a double portion of your spirit be upon me"

We learn that whoever contemplates the image of his master in the spirit of wisdom shall gain an additional measure of spirit. Thus Elisha, Elijah's heir by right, was granted the power to perform a double achievement with the same spirit, if he could penetrate to the deepest core of the spirit that Elijah had bequeathed at the moment Elijah was taken from him. Joseph also received illumination in this way. This allowed him to interpret the symbolism of the dreams of the chief wine steward and the chief baker, and to grasp the significance these dreams held for the children of Israel. The chief wine steward's dream, it is explained, belonged to "the grade of the moon in lightness" and was thus under the rule of Zeir Anpin; while the chief baker's dream belonged to "the grade of the moon in darkness" and thus came under the rule of the Evil One.


Here we receive a powerful connection to the souls of the righteous, which gives us the ability to ascend to spiritual heights unattainable by ordinary men. Moreover, we begin to recognize our spirit's ceaseless yearning for reunion with The Creator, coupled with the wisdom to find our way back to Him