Vayeshev: Chapter 9
"O Jerusalem, built"

This section begins with a brief discussion of the preordained roles of David and Solomon in the construction of the temple, and then proceeds to address the relationship between the terrestrial Jerusalem and the heavenly Jerusalem. It is, we see, mirrored by the relationship of the children of Israel to the Upper and Lower Worlds.


Our planet contains many spiritual energy centers that serve as portals through which the supernal Light of the Upper World flows into our dimension. Israel is the energy center of the entire planet. The city of Jerusalem is the energy source of Israel. The Temple is the primal source of energy for Jerusalem, and the Holy of Holies is the Fountainhead of spiritual energy for the Temple. Reading this passage connects us to Jerusalem, the Temple and ultimately, to the Holy of Holies. It ensures that all our prayers, deeds, and meditations draw their Light from this wellspring of spiritual energy.