Vayetze: Chapter 11

"And behold a ladder set up on the earth"


The Zohar describes Jacob's dream of the ladder, in which he sees his children receiving the Torah on Mount Sinai. The passage explains the secret meaning of the reception of the Torah: that is, the Torah as the key to mastery of the world through the Angel Metatron, who is in effect a gatekeeper for the angelic messengers of wisdom.


The Torah is the divine instrument that imbues the children of Israel with the strength to gradually eliminate the Evil Inclination from their nature. This process takes place both in our physical world and in the supernal worlds above. Through these verses, we connect ourselves to the primordial spiritual Light that shone on Sinai during Revelation. This sacred emanation was so intense that all forms of darkness were eradicated, including death and decay. Therefore, we arouse the forces of immortality and bring renewal, restoration, and rebirth to our lives.