Vayetze: Chapter 30

"Appoint me your wages"


The rabbis comment on Jacob's payment by his father-in-law, Laban. Because Jacob was whole-hearted and sincere in his relations with Laban, God rescued him and took him into the Holy Land, even though Laban dealt with him unfairly. Through his honesty, Jacob was testing his luck-a necessary precaution before he could take the next step out of exile. This verse teaches us to deal honestly even with those who exploit us. Time will bring our reward.


Our rewards in life are often delayed by time, to test the authenticity of our virtuous behavior. The delay may create the illusion that honest behavior goes unrewarded, and that the wicked prosper from their negative deeds. This severely limited view of life only generates affliction and judgment at a later point in our lives. Here the ability to perceive the cause and effect principle that governs the cosmos is aroused in our consciousness.