Vayetze: Chapter 9

"And, behold, Hashem stood above it"


This passage further explains Jacob's vision of the Ladder. It clarifies his special role amongst the Chosen People and his position among the other patriarchs in the Tree of Life.


Jacob represents the Central Column force of Free Will and/or Resistance, which brings about the subjugation of the ego. Of the three patriarchs, Jacob embodies the delicate balance between the will of the soul-sharing-and the primal urges of the body-receiving for the self. The Ladder in Jacob's vision corresponds to the Ten Sfirot and the array of spiritual Lights that radiates from each respective realm. Because we as individuals do not possess the strength to triumph over our egos and our selfish drives, the Zohar provides us with the additional power of the Patriarch Jacob, whose strength is instilled within us through the Light that radiates from this passage. We also achieve a connection to the Lights of the Sfirot, which brightens our lives and the world with tranquillity and joy.