Bechukotai: Chapter 14

"These are the words of the Covenant"


Rabbi Yosi tells Rabbi Chiya that the curses in the Book of Vayikra were said by Gvurah and those in Devarim were said by Moses himself, and yet both were the words of the Covenant because good and evil depend on them. Righteous and Righteousness together are called 'the Covenant.' Thus 'remember' and 'keep' are also bound together, one by day and one by night. Rabbi Chiya agrees and says that Shabbat is called a Covenant. He talks about God's promise to give peace in the land. Rabbi Chiya explains that God promised not to cast Yisrael away nor to abhor them because the Shechinah, the beloved of His soul, is among them. Rabbi Yosi talks about a son's duty to honor his father even after the father's death, and the way to honor him is to walk in Truth and perfect his own actions. This increases the praise of the father both in this world and in the World to Come.