Bereshit A: Chapter 38

"If My covenant be not day and night"


Here Rabbi Shimon reveals secrets concerning the ritual of circumcision and its link to the Sfirah of Yesod. Yesod is like a reservoir into which all the upper Sfirot pour their energy forces. Yesod gathers all these elements, blends them, and transfers this great Light into our physical universe. For this reason Yesod resides just above Malchut, our world, within the structure of the Ten Sfirot. Yesod acts as the portal through which the awesome forces Light enter our realm. As the building blocks of all creation, the Ten Sfirot reflect themselves in our world. Thus, we have ten fingers and ten toes, and our numerical system functions on base ten.

Each of the Ten Sfirot are also expressed within the human body.

Yesod correlates to the sexual organ, where the greatest expression of Light manifests. This great Light is responsible for the miracle of procreation and the pleasure derived from it.

The negative forces in our midst automatically attach themselves to any gateway where the greatest Light can shine. For this reason, these negative entities are found in the realm of Yesod.

In our realm, they naturally manifest within the human sexual organ. The purpose of the covenant of circumcision is to remove this negative influence from our lives as well as from the worlds above. Circumcision, performed properly with Kabbalistic mediation meditation ?, removes all negativity from both the child and the world. This is the secret of the Covenant between God and Man. The Covenant should not be perceived as a rule to be blindly followed, but as a revelation of a universal law of the cosmos that is followed for its own sake and wisdom. Similarly, a rational man will not step off the ledge of a building for fear of violating the universal law of gravity. He does not require strict laws to prevent him from committing such perilous acts. The act of circumcision is rooted in the spiritual benefits brought to the child, including boosting his immune system. Though small in size, the foreskin contains powerful negative forces, as if it were a nuclear warhead at the tip of a ballistic missile.

Throughout life, with respect to Yesod and also to sexual relations, it benefits man to sustain the purity and cleanliness that is achieved during circumcision. The Kabbalist however, does not consider vague concepts of morals and ethics as motivation for maintaining sexual relations within the spiritual confines of marriage. Rather, it is our own spiritual understanding of the metaphysical forces at work that provides the impetus. Religious authority must be removed from the equation, and individuals must be empowered by knowledge to assist them in their own free choices.

These specific Aramaic texts emanate spiritual influences that help cleanse the realm of Yesod, including any negative sexual thoughts or desires.