Bereshit A: Chapter 37

The hidden light


Profound secrets pertaining to The Hidden Light, The World to Come, and Shabbat are revealed here. The Zohar explains that our Creator foresaw the sins of man, and all the evil ones who would walk this earth. The Creator therefore hid the vast portion of His great Light so that man could not misuse this raw naked energy. In the same way, a parent naturally forbids a child to approach a high voltage wire. Though the energy carried by the cable is a positive force that lights an entire city, touching the power line could bring immediate destruction both to the unaware child and to others around him.

This Hidden Light of The Creator was stored in the upper dimension called Binah, one of the Ten Sfirot, where it was set aside for the righteous of this world. This is the secret of the term World to Come.

The World to Come does not refer to a realm that we reach at death, or at any point in the future. And the righteous of this world are only the great sages. The World to Come occurs in the present, at the precise moment we transform our nature and create a new world for ourselves and of ourselves. We are included among the righteous whenever we make these spiritual corrections.

The Zohar further explains that the Shabbat is the time when a great portion of this hidden Light is revealed, so that we may use it to purify our souls and enrich our lives. Learning from this section of the Zohar connects us to this great Hidden Light.