Bereshit A: Chapter 51

"This is the book of the generations of Adam"


The Zohar reveals a secret that pertains to a powerful combination of letters encoded into a verse inside the Torah - The Name of God is a Strong Tower and the Righteous run into it and are Safe. Since doing so can be spiritually harmful, we do not pronounce this combination of letters aloud. Instead, we gaze and pass our eyes over the letters. Rabbi Abba reveals that Adam was given a book of secrets. This secret book was passed down from one generation of sages to another. The book was brought to our physical realm by the angel Raziel. When Adam left the Garden of Eden, the book flew away. Adam prayed for God to return it, and God agreed. Enoch possessed another book of cosmic knowledge, which contained the inner secrets of all wisdom. The books of Adam and Enoch are the foundation and underlying principles of the wisdom of Kabbalah.

These passages connect us to the original seed of Kabbalah, thereby strengthening our connection to the Zohar and all the blessings we receive from it.