Bo: Chapter 11
Relating the praise of the exodus from Egypt

We hear again about the commandment to remove the leaven from the bread. Then we are told that the children of Yisrael must say the praises of the exodus from Egypt, and when relating that account they will rejoice with the Shechinah in the World to Come. When God hears that praise, His retinue gathers round and rejoices and praises Him, and then His strength and power are increased above. Just as it is important for a person to relate the miracles of God, it is important for him to relate his own sins; this is because when a person enumerates every one of his sins beforehand, he leaves no open issue for the Accuser to exploit when standing before God to seek retribution. If the person repents, all will be well, but if he does not, the Accuser will return and demand judgment. Lastly, we hear again of the commandment to eat Matzah on Passover because it is a remembrance for generations and generations of the secret of the Faith.