Ha'azinu: Chapter 39
The ears of Zeir Anpin

We are told about the two ears that hear good and bad, and about the winged messengers who hear the prayers people say out loud and who carry those prayers up to the ears of God. Rabbi Shimon says it is important that the sound be 'tasted' for its quality, and that this be done slowly; he tells us that whatever happens too quickly does not possess complete wisdom. We hear about the cavities of the ears, eyes, mouth and nose, and about how the sound affects them. According to the sound, the eyes might cry and the mouth might speak words; the whole body might tremble. Therefore, people must guard carefully what they say out loud. Rabbi Shimon goes on to say that supreme secrets originate from the ear of Zeir Anpin, and that those secrets are only revealed to those who walk the straight path. Wicked people are those who reveal secrets, and the righteous are those faithful spirits who conceal the secrets.