Lech Lecha: Chapter 5
"Get you out," for your sake

The Zohar brings to light all the supernal forces that govern the various countries and cities of our world by. Abraham masters the knowledge concerning all these diverse metaphysical intelligences that rule over and administer the cosmos. However, the Creator tells him not to direct his mind towards these supernal matters. Rather, Abraham should focus upon his spiritual work in this physical realm, placing his trust in the Creator regarding the workings of the metaphysical dimension.


The ability to trust the Creator above the level of our rational mind and logic, radiates throughout this passage. Often, we mistake the pursuance of otherworldly mystical knowledge for the real spiritual work in this mundane world. This truth is understood through a story concerning the great sage Hillel, who was asked to reveal all the supernal mysteries and secrets of the Torah in the short time that he can remain balanced on one leg. "Love thy neighbor as thyself. All the rest is commentary. Now go and learn," the sage replied.