Noach: Chapter 13

"Lift up your voice...poor Anatot!"


Whereas Moses was able to help generate the revelation of Light on Mount Sinai, including the state of immortality, Noah was unable to accomplish the same feat in his time. The Zohar explains that Noah was a force of one, while Moses achieved a critical mass of people through the six hundred thousand souls who stood on Sinai. Awareness and inner motivation to bring about the total removal of evil and chaos from this earth is imbued to the reader through these passages. They awaken a desire to transform our own negative nature, and to share the Light of the Zohar. According to Kabbalah, the Zohar is the most effective of all instruments for removing the negative inclinations born into the hearts of mankind. When a critical mass of people have embraced its wisdom, we will permanently eradicate all of humanity's pain and suffering.