Noach: Chapter 21

"And he repaired the altar of Hashem that was broken down"


The covenant between mankind and God connects to the Sfirah of Yesod, which correlates to the reproductive organs of man. There is also a vital spiritual link to the circumcision of a newborn male child.

The underlying lesson of this section is the Kabbalistic doctrine that all war, natural disasters, famine, slaughter, and massacre can be traced to destructive spiritual forces arising from humanity's negative sexual acts. Negative sexual acts are defined as those that are not for the purpose of procreation or for the bringing of Light to the world.

Sexual relations between man and wife mirror the metaphysical forces at work in the Upper Worlds. The male corresponds to the realm of Yesod, and the woman to the world of Malchut. Whenever any kind of positive Light and fulfillment reaches our lives, it is a direct result of the enjoining of Yesod and Malchut. (join paras)

Sexual relations accomplish this mating of the two Upper Worlds. However, negative forces constantly try to sever this connection. These negative forces are so cunning and clever that they have deceived us into believing they do not even exist.

Through our own meditation and desire to share, the power of these words of the Zohar can awaken a genuine understanding of the role sexual relations play in the revelation of Light into the world.