Pekudei: Chapter 15

"Unless Hashem builds the house"


We are told that King Solomon saw that the work was finished by the hands of the craftsmen but was actually constructed by God. The most important part of the labor is what Binah made, and if this is not included the work is done in vain. Then he speaks about: "Behold it is His litter, that of Solomon, sixty valiant men are round it, the mighty men of Yisrael," saying that the 'litter' is the secret of Malchut, and it is all guarded because of the fear of Gehenom. All the men stand around it, and they are all inside the illumination of the incomprehensible thought. Rabbi Shimon talks about the nine Temples that emanate from that thought, saying that they are not lights nor spirits nor souls, and cannot be comprehended. He says that the head of Arich Anpin is called 'thought', but it is not known by whose light it shines. The secret of the offering is that it unites the grades and the lights, and the 'thought' is then crowned by the Endless Light. That 'thought' expanded in all directions and is the secret of the Supernal World, Binah, that is characterized by the question "Who?" as in: "Lift up your eyes on high, and behold who (Mi) has created these." The 'question' then, created 'these' - the six Sfirot of Zeir Anpin. Then Mi expanded and became a sea, and built everything below in Malchut exactly as it was in the Supernal World, Binah.