Pekudei: Chapter 32

"And Moses erected the Tabernacle"


Rabbi Shimon tells us that there is another Tabernacle above like the one that Moses erected on the earth. The 'wise men' in "and all the wise men, that carried out all the work of the sanctuary..." who labor on the Tabernacle above are the directions of Zeir Anpin, these directions are the paths to the sea, Malchut. Betzalel worked from the right and Aholiav worked from the left, just as the higher Tabernacle is built from the right and left sides of Zeir Anpin. We learn that on the day the Tabernacle was finished Death was removed from the world, or at least it lost its dominion. The Angel of DeathDeath will not be removed from the world altogether until the return of Messiah. Then "He will swallow up death forever." Rabbi Yehuda next tells us that when Yisrael made the golden calf, Moses pitched his tent outside the camp so that holiness would not be defiled by their unholy actions. He says that when Jerusalem is finally fulfilled the evil Tyre will be in ruins.