Pekudei: Chapter 42

"When those moved, these moved"


Rabbi Shimon explores the verse: "When those moved, these moved, and when those stood still, these stood still." He tells us that the living creatures move, and when they move the wheels move, the turnings of the wheels depend on the movement of the living creatures. The living creatures and the wheels move together. Rabbi Shimon turns to the twenty-four watches who guard the gates and who are hidden in the intensity of the flame surrounding the threshold. There are 24 thresholds and 24 sockets. These watches or guards of Zeir Anpin fly all over the world, watching things and listening to sounds and raising words up higher. Rabbi Shimon returns to the wheels moving and says, "For the spirit of the living creature was in the wheels," meaning that the Holy Spirit, Malchut, makes the wheels move. He explains that 'living creature' means four living creatures, corresponding to Chesed, Gvurah, Tiferet and Malchut. They turn to the four directions of the world. He mentions the throne for the likeness of a man to sit on, and says the throne is Zeir Anpin. The higher throne has the image of Jacob, who is Zeir Anpin, while the lower throne has the image of David, who is Malchut. We learn that a spirit emerges from Binah above and flows down to the lower worlds where it has power over everything. Rabbi Shimon concludes by saying that in the same way Moses became a spirit in relation to the Tabernacle for the purpose of correcting everything below.