Pekudei: Chapter 43

The Tabernacle and the Temple


Rabbi Shimon talks in this section about Moses building the Tabernacle and Solomon building the Temple. The Temple was built in the spirit of peace, Yesod, that is rest. The Tabernacle was built in the spirit of love but not that of rest, so the Tabernacle was moved around as the people moved. Moses began his construction by starting in the middle, that was dark, and he raised his first point there. Then that point shone and all the other parts settled into place as they should. Rabbi Shimon adds more information about the sockets, that are connected with 'giving' since they support the boards. When Moses erected the point the Other Side sank but was not altogether destroyed, that will happen only in the future. The side of holiness began to strengthen and then the Other Side entered the hole in the great abyss. If the children of Yisrael had not sinned, the Other Side would not have been able to rule the world, but since they did they must always give a portion of the sacrifices to the Other Side. Finally we hear that the erection in the beginning was to weaken the Other Side, but the erection in the end will be the erection of the holy side so it will be elevated higher. Whenever holiness rises up, defilement is lowered.