Pekudei: Chapter 5

"Beautiful for situation, the joy of the whole earth"


Rabbi Yehuda says that when God created the world He threw a precious stone down from underneath the throne of glory. It fell into the abyss and one end of it stuck out, this is now the foundation of the world. From this point are three circles of expansion. The first is clear and pure, and corresponds to the Temple and Jerusalem. The second is delicate and clear, though not so pure as the innermost circle, and corresponds to all of Yisrael. The third is all the rest of the world. The ocean surrounds them all. This schema is also the secret of all the colors in the eye that surround the middle point that gives the power of vision to the whole eye. This is like the Holy of Holies, the Ark and the Seat of Mercy, this point is the means of sight for the whole world. The people who merit forgiveness and mercy go into the Temple until they reach the middle point that is "Beautiful of situation, the joy of the whole earth, Mount Zion..."