Pinchas: Chapter 65

The eagle


An eagle descends, takes a rose from among the rabbis, and flies away. Rabbi Pinchas talks about the inner meaning of this event. In the morning, the rabbis see a comet, and Rabbi Pinchas says that when God calls the stars by name they run to praise him.


The eagle descends upon Yisrael and all the world, removing the thorns of the rose and emitting the sweet scent of freedom and blessings all over the world. The eagle is Mercy, and it removes the judgments that weigh over our hearts, bringing freedom, health, and blessings to us and to the whole world.

Capitalizing upon David's might, we win the war against our Evil Inclination. All the wicked adversaries (our dark side) who test and challenge us go down in defeat. The streaking comet ignites "praises" to the Creator on our behalf. A "praise" denotes our connection to the Light, which allows divinity to flow to our realm of existence.