Pinchas: Chapter 66

A great eagle and King Solomon


An eagle circles over the heads of the rabbis. Rabbi Pinchas interprets this as a sign of mercy for those who are on their sickbeds, and says that this is the time for them to be healed. He calls to the eagle but it flies away, and Rabbi Chiya recalls how King Solomon used to ride on a great eagle every day to the place where Aza and Azael were imprisoned; from them Solomon learned wisdom.


An abundance of healing energy pours down upon existence. Through the mysteries of the eagle, Abraham, and the morning light, the Gates of Mercy swing open so that we can heal and ultimately abolish all sickness and disease from the world. The sick are now able to rise from the bed as humanity rises from the clutches of the negative beings. Upon the merit of Solomon, we are eternally protected from all the wicked entities who occupy the Other Side.

The Zohar then states in verse 391: "And immediately they, UZA AND AZAEL, would say everything that Solomon wanted." As Solomon controlled the two angels UZA AND AZAEL through the power of the Holy Name יהוה, we also assume control over our Evil Inclination and over the entire physical environment. The wisdom of Solomon disseminates throughout the world as our eyes pore over the wisdom of this passage.