Pinchas: Chapter 97

"Mingled with...beaten oil"


Rabbi Shimon asks for an explanation of the word "beaten" in the title verse, and he is told that it has to do with drawing an emanation down from above. The Righteous is the one who crushes the holy olives for the anointing oil with his perfect longing for Malchut.

[Verse 663] Moses furthers the explanation of the same topic, and he gives information about the three brains - of memory, of thought, and of imagination. He says that imagination and memory ascend from the heart and the thoughts descend to them to the heart, where they are welcomed as a king. Moses also brings in the factor of the four faces of the Holy Beasts.

[Verse 667] We are told that Malchut is a continual burnt offering that rises to God every single day, ascending to the Divine Thought that has no end. This is why a burnt offering is only required for sinful meditation of the heart, which is thought.