Prologue: Chapter 16

"As among all the wise men of the nations, and in all their kingdoms, there is none like You"


The mighty spiritual powers of the Creator are often entrusted to the righteous. Thus, Elijah the Prophet and Elisha were given the power to resurrect the dead. Elijah was given the power to stop and start the rain at will. Joshua was able to stop the sun. The secret revealed by the Zohar pertains to the will of the Creator, and to His intention that we ourselves should have the power to generate miracles. The Kabbalists teach us that God does not perform miracles, only man does. It is only our lack of spiritual knowledge of the supernal secrets that prevents us from performing miraculous deeds each day of our lives. Perhaps the most powerful secret for overcoming the limits of nature involves our transformation beyond the tendencies of human nature. When we bring about a miracle - that is, a dramatic spiritual change - within our inner character, the Upper Worlds mirror our actions. They direct supernal forces into our mundane world, and wondrous acts are accomplished. Through the knowledge we are now acquiring by thoughtful meditation upon the Zohar, we draw the strength to transform the fundamental nature of our being.