Shemot: Chapter 12

"...That let the feet of the ox and the donkey..."


Rabbi Aba opens a discussion of the meaning of, That let the feet of the ox and the donkey..." He explains that the children of Israel are worthy in the sight of God because they "sow beside all waters," that is, according to Righteousness. Reference is then made to the book of Rabbi Yeba Saba. It describes the Chamber of Guilt, which is of the side of Mercy, and the Chamber of Merit, which is of the Other Side. Children, longevity, and sustenance, we learn, do not depend on either Chamber, but rather on mazal. The children of Israel cleave to the side of Holiness, thereby banishing the evil symbolized by the union of the ox and the donkey.


The Light of Binah, the spiritual dimension that resides above the world known as Zeir Anpin, illumines your very being. This awesome Light is also known as the World to Come, which is defined as a reality where death, turmoil, and pain have no existence. Binah is the essence of perfection, bliss, and never-ending days. It is made ours in this splendid passage, where the lower world is raised into the Upper Heavens.

The Zohar gently pours sweet and clear waters over the world, dissolving and washing away all judgments decreed upon humanity. The wells, springs, and fountains of bitter water that we have created through our negative deeds and actions evaporate as these verses summon forth the warming Light of the Creator and the glowing Light of the righteous souls.

Evil forces and plagues are banished from our reality through the power of Jacob, who embodies all humanity.