Shemot: Chapter 25

"Come from the four winds, O breath"


Rabbi Elazar begins by quoting the title verse and asks how Ezekiel could have prophesied on the wind when it is clearly written that man cannot control the wind. The answer to this question, we're told, is that he prophesied by God's will. Furthermore the spirit (wind) was embodied in material form in this world, and Ezekiel called to it to come from the region where it resides. This place is not the Garden of Eden, Rabbi Elazar explains, but rather the Throne that stands on four pillars. The soul ascends from the Garden to the Throne and then descends to the world, and, just as the body is taken from the four regions of the world, the spirit is taken from the four pillars of the Throne.

This discussion prompts the Jew who sits with the companions to describe his remarkable experience in the desert. He tells them that after entering a fragrant cavern, he found himself in an extraordinary place where he encountered a man with a scepter who gave him a bundle of writings to give to the Fellowship. This man then struck him with his scepter, causing him to fall asleep. In his dream, he heard many voices and saw crowds of people arriving at that place. When the man with the scepter touched them with it and spoke to them, they proceeded on and then flew up into the air and disappeared. When he awoke, the Jew continues, the man with the scepter explained that the crowds in his dream were righteous spirits on their way to the Garden of Eden. He then proceeded to discuss the relationship between the four elements of the body and the four spiritual elements of the body. After concluding his story, the Jew gives the bundle of writings to Rabbi Elazar. When he opens them, a flame explodes and envelops Rabbi Elazar. This allows him to gain new spiritual insight before the bundle flies from his hand, and though he is left grateful and happy, Rabbi Elazar tells nothing of this to his colleagues.


This complex section of the Zohar discourses on the origins and make-up of spirit, the four elements that create the body and the structure of the Upper and Lower worlds. These words purify and thus correct our body and soul so that we attain the Garden of Eden in this world. Our consciousness is raised to the greatest of heights so that we now perceive the secrets of life.

The water on earth and the water that comprises the very cells of our body is reverted back to its original and primordial state, prior to the Flood at the time of Noah. This elicits immortality as water, the life-blood of the planet, and the human body transforms it into healing waters. The deepest secrets and mysteries concerning water are revealed to the world. Through water, we achieve the blissful and eternal state known as the Garden of Eden.