Shemot: Chapter 43

Two tears sink into the great abyss


Rabbi Dustai explains that when the children of Yisrael are delivered to the supernal ministers of the other nations, twelve courts convene and the Master weeps. Then two tears sink into the great abyss, and both the higher and the lower celestial beings descend multiple levels. We also learn that when God delivered Yisrael into the power of the supernal minister of Egypt, He made seven decrees that Egypt should subjugate them, and seven decrees bestowing benefits on Yisrael.


Our slavery to our own Evil Inclination and to the negative influences of the Twelve Signs is ended. All judgments forever cease. Our soul now achieves eternal dominion over the negative influences of the body. Likewise, Yisrael begins to shine brightly to nourish all the world with Divine Light, creating peace and unconditional love between Arabs, Jews and all the peoples of the world. The spiritual truths and Light of the Zohar expand throughout the world bringing joy and peace to all humanity.