Shemot: Chapter 7

The wheels of the holy Chariot travel


In this long and highly complex section, Rabbi Shimon describes the nature and workings of the Holy Chariot, one of the quintessential emblems of Kabbalah and thus of enormous importance to anyone seriously practicing this discipline. It cannot really be summarized but must be read carefully many, many times before it will begin to unfold its profound meaning, which sheds light on numerous related concepts, like the three columns and the secret names of God.


The workings of the Ten Sfirot are explored in detail, but the Zohar speaks in the poetic and concealed language of metaphor and symbolism. Some of the essential treasures revealed in this passage concern the concept of mercy. All of our words, actions and deeds are recorded each moment of our day. The universal law of cause and effect decrees that each negative deed brings the appropriate measure of judgment upon us. However, we can sweeten this judgment with mercy the moment we accept responsibility for the turmoil that afflicts us.

This section of the Zohar annuls all judgments decreed upon mankind through the verse that speaks of the color red transforming into white. Myriad lifetimes of sobbing and wailing cease forevermore as laughter and song are heard throughout the world, for this is the power of Mercy and the ultimate purpose and power of the Zohar.

Later in the passage, we are empowered with the Light of the 42 Letter Name of God - the Ana Bekoach meditation - and the 42 supernal angels who descend into this world, in the same way that they accompanied Jacob into Egypt. This connection allows our world to mate with the Upper World, the female to mate with the male. This union causes Light to flow into our life so that all darkness (Egypt) is eternally banished.