Shmini: Chapter 2

Zion and Jerusalem


We learn that blessings come out to everyone from Zion and that Jerusalem is blessed for the sake of Zion. When Jerusalem is blessed, all the people are blessed. We are reminded that the rainbow alludes to judgment and that one should not judge others. When one's children's children are god-fearing, saintly and holy then there is peace upon Yisrael. Rabbi Elazar likens "children's children" to the lower Sfirot, and says that the children - Chesed, Gvurah and Tiferet, are only crowned and revived by Binah when the fathers, Chochmah and Binah, are crowned and blessed by Keter. After this explanation the rabbis pray, during which time a serpent winds itself around the mule of Rabbi Pinchas; the serpent is then destroyed by the Rabbi's command.