Shmini: Chapter 3

How many messengers the Holy One, blessed be He, has


We learn that God uses even the beasts of the fields as His messengers to fulfill His mission. He also sets the righteous to punish the wicked, but no wicked person of Yisrael punishes another except by accident. When God gives quietness to a man, no one is authorized to injure or malign him. When men's actions are virtuous God arranges for many Protectors to guard him, but when they are not virtuous then judgment is awakened upon them and those of the left become messengers to harm them. Rabbi Elazar tells us that God is unwilling that sinners of Yisrael should punish other sinners of Yisrael, because they do not come from the left side. The children of Yisrael are to the right and the idolatrous nations are to the left.