Trumah: Chapter 22

"The soul of every living being"


We read how the soul flies from the life of the worlds, the Yesod of Zeir Anpin, and is blessed by Him as it emerges and flies downwards. And the soul has permission to bless Malchut. The souls fly downwards and bless Malchut at the commencement of Shabbat. We learn that Malchut receives blessings during the weekdays from the other souls that bless Her from below. During the Shabbat Day, She receives blessings from the upper souls that bless Her with 45 words. All this praise and all these words are known limbs that add up to the proper completion of the Shabbat.


All the blessings (spiritual energy) of the weekday and the Sabbath fill our souls, completing our connection to the Light of the Creator. In turn, we ignite the merciful arrival of the cosmic Sabbath (the age of Messiah), and a unified humanity embraces the world of immortality and boundless delight.