Vayera: Chapter 3

The soul at the time of death


During sleep and upon death of a righteous individual, the soul travels a certain course as it ascends to the Upper Worlds. If the soul is righteous, it is welcomed to the Upper Worlds by the Patriarchs, specifically Jacob.


The return of the soul to its original source is vital. It is through this process that the Creator absorbs the souls, which allows them to be born anew each morning. This otherworldly journey occurs each night, whether or not we are cognizant of it. An individual's degree of awareness, however, and his personal level of spirituality [righteousness] determines the particular course the soul travels and the heights it can attain. The level to which the soul ascends is directly proportionate to the measure of Light it receives. This portion awakens a deeper awareness of the Light our soul can achieve if it is righteous, as well as the ability to ascend to greater heights and receive greater revelations of spiritual energy during sleep.