Vayetze: Chapter 3

The splendor of the shining mirror


This section discusses the true nature of the patriarch Jacob. "As the Color Purple includes all the colors, so the shining mirror comprises all the lights." Just as the mirror includes all the lights, Jacob springs from the same mystical source as the Fathers who preceded him, from Adam and Noah to Abraham and Isaac. Like the earlier patriarchs, Jacob's potent self and soul are forged by the fires of sexuality, the union of opposites whose power the Other Side finds irresistibly attractive. Just as Adam was tempted by the serpent, Jacob had to "bring a gift to the other side;" that is, he had to survive a similar trial of darkness and desire. Although there were differences in the formative ordeals of the five patriarchs, we are told that they were essentially alike in nature. Thus, they produced similarly potent identities in the men who survived them. After Jacob endured his own trial-by-desire, he was given the name of the descendants who would share the identity he had gained for them - "Israel."


The Light arising from these verses cleanses negativity created through previous impure sexual thoughts and behavior. We become more enlightened to the power and potency of sexual union, and are inspired to keep the act free from the influences of the Other Side that always attend it. The Hebrew letters summon forth the might of the five patriarchs to help us conquer the obstacles and temptations employed by the devious Evil Inclination dwelling both within us and around us.