Vayetze: Chapter 40

"He withdraws not his eyes from the righteous"


As the rabbis travel, the discussion continues. Quoting scripture, Rabbi Yesa asserts that the wicked will perish and the righteous will prevail. They meet a man with a child on his shoulders, fleeing the wicked. The man says people can achieve merit by giving him alms. The rabbis give him alms and food to eat.


Acts of charity have the power to remove decrees of death against us. Often, before a judgment is executed against us, the Light will send us an opportunity to share and truly go outside of ourselves so that we can sweeten the judgment. The Evil Inclination, however, blinds us to these opportunities and we remain in our selfish, uncaring ways. The wisdom and foresight to recognize opportunities to give charity is aroused in our consciousness. Moreover, the strength to take the initiative and perform charitable contributions is also stirred within our souls. We just have to listen to the whispers arising from words of this portion.