Vayetze: Chapter 39

"Hashem lives; and blessed is my rock"


Rabbi Yitzchak and Rabbi Yesa assert that the Holy Spirit attaches itself to travelers such as themselves, especially when they discuss Torah. On the road, Rabbi Yitzchak speculates on the verse "the Creator lives; and blessed is my rock." For the righteous, the Lord is a living presence. When united with Malchut of Zeir Anpin, the Eternal Female or Rock, blessings of abundance flow.


When two sages are said to be traveling, it refers to the spiritual travels of their souls in the Upper Worlds. Our constant physical trek in this material existence, directly influences and guides the journey of our souls in the Upper World. Thus, our travels through the darkened corridors of life can be divinely illuminated when we connect to the Light of the Torah. This is accomplished through the study of the spiritual wisdom of the Torah-The Kabbalah-and by the application of its wisdom to our lives. For instance, when we are busy helping others, the Light of the Creator will in turn help and attend to us. The consciousness to think of others before ourselves is elicited by these passages.