Vayetze: Chapter 6

"Arise, Hashem"


This section continues the anecdote concerning Rabbi Yitzchak, in which the secret meaning of the phrase, "arise the Creator," is debated. Both Moses and David uttered the phrase; the text focuses on David's meaning, which concerns the intermingling of wisdom and laughter - the jesting "Levites" of the Right Column and the priests of the Left. The Creator recognizes that, in David's kingdom on earth, truth often expresses itself in humorous form.


Laughter denotes the Left Column energy of receiving, for laughter arouses immediate and direct pleasure. The name Isaac, the patriarch and father of Jacob, also means laughter. We access the wisdom of Isaac through these verses, thereby strengthening our trust in the Creator and bringing true happiness and laughter into our life. In addition, we gain strength to laugh in the face of hardship. Laughter during spiritual tests ensures that hardships pass quickly and easily. We regain control of our own happiness, rather than surrendering to external circumstances.