Vayetze: Chapter 7

"And Jacob went out," part three


Rabbi Yitzchak discusses the meaning of "And Jacob went out..." This text refers to the exile of the Jews, the children of Jacob, and their need to accommodate themselves to the customs of the lands of exile - just as the Creator adjusts Himself to changes taking place in the Eternal Female, the feminine principle or Malchut. Israel must accomplish this adjustment in order to spread the message of Torah, and to nourish the world with spiritual Light. It was for this task that Israel was chosen, and for nothing else.


The Hebrew term for 'Chosen People' is Am Segulah, which is derived from the Hebrew word Segol. Segol is the name of a particular Hebrew vowel whose shape illuminates the hidden significance of "Chosen People."

The vowel Segol includes three dots, as follows ֶ . These three dots signify the Right, Left and Central Column forces. The three Columns correlate to the positive and negative poles in a light bulb, and to the resisting function of the filament. A bulb without a filament immediately short circuits, producing momentary sparks followed by sudden darkness. "Chosen People" refers to the spiritual concept of Restriction or Resistance as it applies to human behavior. The children of Israel throughout all generations represent the filament; they are therefore responsible for bringing Light to the peoples of the world. This is achieved when we, as individuals, begin to resist our self-serving aspirations. Living life in a reactive manner causes a spiritual short-circuit, leaving the rest of world empty and dark - which, according to Zoharic wisdom, is the root of anti-Semitism. A truly spiritual person seeks to exemplify the sharing principle, resisting social pressures and subjugating the ego.This passage imbues us with the fortitude to apply Resistance to rash and intolerant behavior, so that we become beacons of Light to everyone we meet.