Vayishlach: Chapter 25

Jacob, Israel and Yeshurun


Rabbi Chiya discourses on the names Jacob, Israel, and Yeshurun, which appear in the verse, "Yet now hear, O Jacob My servant ..." These names represent three different grades, yet all amount to one. Similarly, the terms, "created," "formed," and "made," which also appear in the verse, represent three different grades, yet all are one. We learn that the children of Yisrael, to whom God gave the Torah so that they might merit the Holy Land and a portion in the World to Come, are fortunate indeed, while the idolaters will one day be destroyed.


When the light of the sun passes though a prism, the beam refracts into the seven colors of the spectrum. The colors are many, but they are one. Spiritual Light follows the same profound principle, with each grade of Light offering another frequency of fulfillment. Three "colors" in the Divine spectrum of Light shine through to our souls in this passage through the words, "created," "formed," and "made," and "Jacob," "Israel," and "Yeshurun." These three help us to merit a portion in the World to Come, and connect us to the Divine energy radiating from the Land of Yisrael.