Vayishlach: Chapter 24

"And these are the kings"


Rabbi Yesa begins a discussion of the verse, "Behold, I will make you small among nations ..." After God created the world, he placed seventy ministers over the seventy nations. These ministers are best described as intelligent supernal influences; they are angelic forces that rule and direct the affairs of the nations on a spiritual level. Of all the ministers, Esau is the most despised before God, as he represents the Side of Defilement. The lower grades, we learn, form a hierarchy and are linked and interlocked by a bond that holds them to their proper side. The Unclean Side diverges into numerous paths and distributes power to the multitudes in the Lower World. The quotation, "These are the kings," refers to the grades of Esau which reigned before there was any king over Yisrael, before the higher grades were perfected and the kingdom of Heaven was established in its own place, never to be removed.


A reading of this section arouses the Light of protection against the powers of darkness. Though invisible, these negative entities are as real as atoms or the force of gravity.