Vayishlach: Chapter 26

"Fear not, you worm Jacob"


Rabbi Yehuda leads a discussion of the title verse and the regenerative power of the children of Yisrael. There are two explanations for the comparison of the children of Yisrael to the "worm," as well as an explanation of the comparison of the children of Yisrael to clay, which actually signifies glass. Finally, an interpretation of "O men of Yisrael" reveals it to represent the Tree of Life. Because the children of Yisrael cleave to the Tree of Life, we are told, they shall one day rise from the dust and be established as one nation to serve God.


The Tree of Life is a realm of pure Light and energy, devoid of darkness, death and decay. While our world is a domain of constant desire for Light, the Tree of Life reality embodies infinite Light. Standing in the way of our deepest desires, and the endless Light that can fulfill them, is a single curtain - the ego of man. Our darkened world gives us the opportunity to earn and create the Light by striving to remove all aspects and influences of our ego. This spiritual commitment is how a man cleaves to the Tree of Life. By helping us eradicate our egos, these verses connect our souls to the Tree of Life reality.